We have received support from our local school division with regards to psychology, social work, reading and speech therapy – until recently – and will be looking for more services soon. Our resource teacher is the liaison with the student services team. You can reach her at 204 338 7981.

We have Dr. Keijzer (counselor) available at our campus. Please contact her at 204 338 7981.

Occupational Therapy: We are able to apply for a once-off consultation through the SSCY Centre (Children’s Rehabilitation Centre on Notre Dame). They have a waiting list and it is always better to apply for support sooner rather than later. Find an occupational therapist here.

Students with hearing differences receive support (consultative services) from the Hard of Hearing unit. Should ASL training be needed, their office has staff available. Audiologists are welcome to connect with us. Private audiology services can be reached at the River East Access Centre: 204 786 7111.

Students who have been diagnosed with Autism: St. Amant will often send consultants to school to provide guidance and advice to staff and families. The Autism Outreach Program at the SSCY Centre will provide support to young students (until the December of their Kindergarten year) and the Autism Learning Centre has a variety of supports available privately. Both the Autism Outreach Program and St. Amant offer free workshops throughout the year.

Speech Therapy: Until we know more, assessments for students younger than 5 years of age, can be referred to the local River East Access Centre: 204 938 5000. For older children, you can find a list of private Speech and Language Pathologists here. Mrs. Smith (SLP) is willing to support Calvin students at school. Please see her fee schedule here.

Psychologists: To have a full psycho-educational assessment done, please access this directory. Parents or family doctors, can also refer children to the MATC (204 958 9660) for specific assessments. If you do not currently have a family doctor, please call 204 786 7111 for assistance.

Having a child assessed privately, could be costly, but some private insurance options do cover this service. A psycho-educational assessment is a full assessment that looks at the child’s academic and emotional wellbeing – as well as the development and possible needs for intervention. Please contact me if you need help in finding a local psychologist. The Psychology Department of the University of Manitoba also provides assessment services. You can inquire at 204 474 9222.

Crisis Resources

Youth Mobile Crisis: 204 949 4777

Kids Help Phone: 1800 668 6868

Klinic Crisis Line: 204 786 8686

Counselling Services

Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba: ADAM’s new Support Line: 204 925 0040

MATC Mental Health Help Centralized Intake: 204 958 9660

New Directions (Family Counselling): 204 786 7051 x 5269

Aulneau Renewal Centre: 204 987 7090

Aurora Renewal Centre: 204 786 9251

Family Dynamics Counseling: 204 947 1401

YES Youth Education Services: 204 949 4777

Please check in again. More updates will follow soon. 🙂